ZanyBank originated as a way to teach kids the value of money by bridging the gap between the adult and child world. According to, " children as young as three years old can grasp financial concepts like saving and spending. And ... kids’ money habits are formed by age 7." (The 5 Most Important Money Lessons to Teach Your Kids, Forbes). As parents, we tend to act like an open line of credit for our kids. We are reluctant to give our kids actual money, as they tend to lose it, so we hold onto their earnings for them. Meanwhile, our kids have no real understanding of what they have earned and how much they are spending.

ZanyBank has created the ZanyDollar to help overcome this issue. When kids earn money, parents can now pay them in their own family currency. Children can hold onto their earned ZanyDollars, learning how to keep track of them, how to save them, and how to spend them. Kids can use a wallet or a purse to keep their ZanyDollars with them, so that when they see that something special, they can cash them in with their parents, who can then purchase the item in the real world with actual money. If your child loses their ZanyDollars along the way, they have lost value, but you haven't. This is a safe way to teach your child financial responsibility.

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