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ZanyDollars are play money and have no financial value in the real world, however, within your household, they can have any value you want! Customize ZanyDollars to reflect your household name, your child name,  and their personality, then use them within your household like money. ZanyDollars can be used to pay your kids for chores, reward them for being good, holiday gifts, and more! Next time your child wants something at the store, let them pay you in ZanyDollars. The nice thing about ZanyDollars is you do not have to worry about your kids losing them or other kids stealing them, because they are worthless to the rest of the world, so your child can hold onto their own money and start learning value and financial responsibility. Have more than one kid? Personalize ZanyDollars for each so they never get mixed up.

ZanyDollars also work great for businesses! Place your business name as the Authority and give them to customers to use as a coupon on their next visit, or issue them to employees as a reward. Want a fully custom design? Please contact us for more information.

You do not want to use ZanyDollars as coupons or rewards? Well, they also make great gag gifts, note paper, and game money. Try using Zany Dollars instead of chips for your next poker game, or replace traditional play money from popular board games like Monopoly with play money that looks and feels more authentic.

Additional Information:

  • Each ZanyDollar has a universally unique number printed on it, and each set comes with a log of the numbers included. This allows for tracking ZanyDollars as they are issued, so you know who they were issued to and if any are missing (great for businesses or sneaky kids).
  • ZanyDollars are printed on a bond paper, which feels more like traditional money. It is also stronger than traditional paper, so it holds up great to kids!
  • ZanyDollars have several items that can be personalized to make your custom ZanyDollar, allowing for millions of possible combinations!
  • Each Stack or Half Stack comes banded and shrink wrapped, so your ZanyDollars will be crisp when they arrive.
  • ZanyDollars measure 6"x2.5", so they are very close to the size of real money.

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