Q: Can I add my own photo or business logo as the portrait?

A: Yes! ZanyDollars can be fully customized in a variety of ways. We will be adding this feature to the website soon, but in the mean time, please contact us directly at info@zanybank.com. 


Q: Do you offer special pricing on large or business orders?

A: Yes! If you are looking to order ZanyDollars for your business or special event, please send an email to info@zanybank.com. 


Q: Can I sell ZanyDollars in my store?

A: Yes! If you are interested in becoming a ZanyBank reseller, please send your company information to info@zanybank.com. Once approved, we will send you a current price list.


Q: How else can ZanyDollars be used?

A: Although ZanyDollars were originally created for kids, there are a wide variety of uses. Here are just some of the ways our customers are using ZanyDollars:


Q: Are these made in the USA?

A: Yes! ZanyDollars are produced in the United States. All ZanyDollars are printed custom when an order is placed, unlike other play money that is mass produced overseas.


Q: If my child accidentally puts a ZanyDollar in a vending machine, will it work?

A: No. Real money uses a magnetic ink, which vending machines look for. Newer machines look for magnetic ink and the correct patterns. Although ZanyDollars use real frames from older currency, each frame has been modified, and when combined with the other Zany elements, they are far enough away from real money that no one is getting into trouble.


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